ELD Devices – Tablets



Garmin Fleet 780: Purpose-Built for Fleet Telematics

The 7” Garmin fleet 780 tablet combines trusted navigation, specialized truck routing and fleet experience with the openness and flexibility of a tablet. Tough and optimized specifically for over the road trucking, its built-in dual-purpose camera functions as a dash cam for the road and a productivity camera at customers’ depots. Onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provides Internet connectivity to third-party peripherals, such as cameras and over-the-air map updates. Its customized truck routing has detailed maps with truck-related restrictions, such as bridge heights, sharp curves and weight limits.

Samsung: ORBCOMM’s ELD Solution Powered by Samsung

Samsung makes it easy to deploy a comprehensive solution that drives fleet productivity, improves driver retention and complies with the ELD mandate. Combined with Moonlight’s driver-friendly ELD solution, Samsung devices provide a platform that integrates in-house or third-party apps seamlessly, is efficient to deploy and provides a secure, controllable environment for your fleet.

5 Reasons to Choose Moonlight’s ELD Solutions

Retain More Drivers

Intuitive, quick-to-learn Hours of Service (HOS) recording and e-log editing helps to increase driver retention rates by increasing satisfaction levels with in-cab devices.

Reduce Back Office Compliance Costs

Reduce time spent on administration of missing miles and unsigned logs.

Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Electronic DVIR, real-time defect reporting and reliable ELD devices maximize vehicle uptime.

Avoid Data Silos

Integrate HOS data into dispatch systems to increase productivity by matching available driver hours with load assignments.

Scale your In-Cab Platform

Combine all apps on an open Android platform to build one screen for drivers in the cab.